WTF Friday – Which Way Africa Style (Part seven)

It seems the whole of Southern Africa has retreated to the Dark Ages – literally.

In short, there is not enough electricity being generated – in the entire region – to meet demand.

There are many theories and rumours about why this has happened, ranging from ineptitude, to not enough rain to feed the rivers providing the hydro-electric power, to sub-standard equipment supplied during a dodgy tender deal. I suspect all are true to some extent but no-one is prepared to shed any light (sorry) on the matter and tell us what is really going on.

What this means is that we are now being subjected to load shedding. In my case, for six days a week we have no electricity for eight hours a day and on the seventh day – fingers crossed – the electricity does not go off at all. Last week it was only five hours off for five days of the week, so it is getting worse: the poor folk in Lusaka are enduring ten-hour cuts, with a fourteen hour cut one day a week, so I am thankful I don’t live there!

This makes keeping up to date with work – and more importantly, blogging! – very difficult and until we can make a plan with a generator and/or solar power both are going to be a bit sketchy and intermittent.

Any Zimbabweans reading this will be wondering what I am moaning about – they have dealt with severe load shedding for the last fifteen years (some are lucky if they receive two hours electricity supply a day) – and I apologise. But having thought I had left all that behind me I am taking a while to re-adjust.

In the mean time, here are my entries for this week’s Which Way Challenge.

Once a week Cee from Cee’s Photography Blog runs a Which Way Photo Challenge – everyone is welcome to take part. You can read the rules for the challenge here.

1-which way birchenough bridge

Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe – taken in the late 1980’s

Rural fuel station in Zimbabwe

Rural fuel station in Zimbabwe

Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe

Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe

1-stuff only

1-no urinating

1-awaiting payment

29 thoughts on “WTF Friday – Which Way Africa Style (Part seven)

  1. An awful situation over electricity supply, and load shedding must be hard to bear! It certainly puts our internet problems into perspective. Great photos – as always – which bring South Africa to life. 🙂


    • I do find it very frustrating! Piet has installed the generator now so hopefully I will soon be back on track with blogging (once I’ve caught up with work, of course 😉 ).
      I’m glad you liked the pictures, thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good pictues, El. The cat was great. They do love to climb into containers don’t they. We have load shedding in Pune also, but not so much in the city. With this poor monsoon, the load shedding may increase. It’s reserved for most Thursdays as of now. People in rural areas suffter much more. There are also small, unscheduled outages.


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