For one reason or another I have been mostly offline for a number of weeks. Today has been my first ‘proper’ day on WordPress and it now looks and feels like a place I’ve never been to before!
In addition to the flickering follow box (which indeed does seem to only work when it feels like it!), I now also have to re-acquaint myself with the new Reader lay-out. Good grief!
I share all the sentiments expressed by Sue – I am sure the majority of us do! – and only hope that the “Happiness Engineers” take note.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The gorilla mystery, Disney The Gorilla Mystery, Disney

Dear Happiness Engineers,

You’ve done it again, haven’t you?

Everything stops functioning properly, then suddenly the options we once had… and are used to… disappear. Only to be replaced by yet another ‘mobile friendly’ option that is proudly announced and slipped beneath our backsides when we least expect it.

This time it is the removal of the nice, static options at the top of the screen… the options that allowed us to ‘like’, ‘follow’ and reblog posts. Instead we have the flickering multifunction pop-up box that only bothers to do so when it feels like it… and only chooses to show the options it thinks you want.

For those who are not technically minded in the least, the loss of the static buttons makes things more awkward. Strangely enough, not everyone knows those options are available at the end of posts if you actually click into…

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15 thoughts on “Disgruntled

    • Me too!
      In my frustration (I noticed the reblog button has now disappeared at the end of my posts!) I turned to the forums and found something. But lost internet connection before I could read further (now using data on my phone) – it’s been a frustrating day! If I find out more I’ll let you know.


      • The forum didn’t yield much. Except that we must be patient and we’ll soon get used to it!
        And no answers about the reblog button – it’s been noticed by a number of people but all the happiness engineers could say was gosh, that’s odd …


      • I had lunch with another blogging friend today and she told me that all her stats and sharing figures have gone haywire in the last few days (and her reblog button has disappeared too). She did one of those live help chat things with an HE who was baffled and had no solution. Except for ‘wait a few days, I’m sure it will return to normal’.
        So whatever they’ve done has really messed things up! Hopefully there’s some frantic scrambling about trying to fix it all …


      • My stats have done strange things too… but if folk have switched to the reader as the only way to ‘like’ or share without messing about, it is hardly surprising. It really is to be hoped someone is frantically sorting things… though I take leave to have my doubts…


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