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balls 015

“But… my tennis ball launcher!” the small dog exclaimed,
“That will mean that it’s further away!”
“But small dog,” I told her, “just see it like this,
If it’s pirated no-one will pay!

“It’s not as if book sales will keep you in bones,
They just bring in a dollar or two…”
“You speak for yourself,” said the laughing small dog,
“’Cause you know that they read me, not you!”

It is true that the fan mail that comes through the door
Is addressed to the small dog herself.
And her little face could launch thousands of books
While all mine do is sit on the shelf.

“Well, you’ve got a good point,” she replied looking glum,
“Go ahead, then, we’ll do it for free,
Put the article out, let them download my book,
Just be sure that you say it’s from me!”

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