Which Way Africa Style (Part Two)

I took this photo many years ago somewhere in Botswana. It was a very hot day and I wasn’t sure how the shimmering heat would turn out in the picture. This was in the days before digital cameras so had to wait a while for the pictures to be developed  – I was quite pleased with the result.


We followed behind this bus for some time while travelling in Mocambique. I felt very sorry for those goats!

1-goats bus

I still can’t make sense of this sign, seen in Botswana. I wonder if anyone else can work out what it means?

1-botswana 8 001

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17 thoughts on “Which Way Africa Style (Part Two)

  1. Legalese for: Do not drive or cause anyone else to drive a truck/bus/limousine longer than 10,5 meter in length on any main road late evenings over weekends (Friday to Sunday) or on public holidays or days before public holidays. Covering all the bases.

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    • Yes, a pretty long-winded way of saying “don’t drive long vehicles on this road at night, on weekends or on public holidays”.
      Considering most truck drivers in this part of the World do not have English as a first language, I think this notice is ignored most of the time

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