Something Fishy

My interest in aquaria was rekindled a couple of years ago when First Born and his delightful English Lass built me a 720 litre fish tank for Christmas.


Building the stand

We collected sand from a beautiful beach on a near-by island on the river. The sand is bleached white and squeaks when you walk on it.

Collecting sand

Collecting sand

Catching stock

Catching stock

5       6


We don’t own a TV – only because we don’t want to, not because there is no service – and it was a novelty to have something to watch in the evenings.


The filters had not yet cleared the water but that didn’t spoil the viewing

Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) - striped water dog

Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) – striped water dog

"Pink Happy"

“Pink Happy”

A couple of Squeakers

A couple of Squeakers

A trio of Banded Jewelfish

A trio of Banded Jewelfish

A series of unfortunate events resulted in this tank breaking. We managed to salvage some of the glass and used that to build a smaller tank but we had to release many of the fish back into the Zambezi.

Knowing my passion for fish keeping, this last Christmas Piet had another tank built for me while I was away in the UK visiting family and I returned to the most wonderful surprise.

My next project will be to create a ‘planted tank’, using vegetation that grows here in the Upper Zambezi River.  In the mean time Piet and I love to sit of an evening, sipping on a Mozi Lager and watching our fish live out their lives in our living room.

African Pike

African Pike

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